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Usually, on an average website, only 2% of people reach out and take action. The rest of the 98% goes unidentified, and their potential value to the business remains untapped. This is enough for a business owner to think. If your company can manage survival on the leads generated by 2%, what heights could it touch with 98% more? To access this untapped pool however you need an anonymous visitor identification tool like “Lead Sight Pro.” Lead Sight Pro identifies and researches on the anonymous website visitors and gives you the results in the shape of leads.

How it Works

Learn more about how Lead Sight Pro works

  • We identify the IP address of the website visitor
  • Lead Sight Pro references that to an accurate database
  • Company visiting your website is identified
  • We search through company directory and populate contacts
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  • How it Works
  • Easy Installation

    Getting started could not be any easier

    • 5 Minute Installation
    • Wordpress plugin for WordPress websites
    • Works in the background and doesn't interfere
    • No maintenance needed
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  • Easy Installation
  • Constant Updates

    More features being released every month

    • Recieve automate updates
    • New features released all the time
    • Grandfathered pricing for life
    • Be ahead of the curve
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  • Constant Updates
    • Lead Sight Pro Benefits

      Just some of the amazing benefits

      Lead Identification

      Lead Sight Pro gives you information about the prospects already interested in your business, who visit your website for more details and who are looking to close the deal with you. They are just waiting for you to make the first move. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you let such opportunities go to waste just because you don’t want to spend $199/month? You didn’t even have to pay markup/leads. All this is in your favor…literally all of it.

      Website Analytics

      An excellent Website analytics package is mandatory for all online operating businesses. But we do not know the word good. What we provide you in the shape of Lead Sight Pro’s Analytics is not just good…it’s amazing…top of the line. It goes beyond providing just stats like primary traffic sources and website performance. What it provides is an array of multi-dimensional information e.g. unique visitors by the device, First time vs. Return Visitors, engagement levels. Etc. This gives you deeper insight into the operations and success of your business which you can use to improve and grow.

      Qualified Sales Leads

      With Lead Sight Pro’s anonymous website visitor tracking and lead generation software all your website visitors will be identified by name. You will know who came to your website, what did they want, how far are they in the buying process. We will tell your details about their background, and which products and services that you offer are they interested in. All this data will then be arranged into the lead format so that all the information that you need to develop a strategy for the prospects is right in front of you. You will then be sent these leads through right on time emails, so you don’t waste a minute of your valuable money making time. All this insight and actionable leads let you prepare before time. You will be aware of the engagement levels of the prospects, and hence you can modify your sales pitch accordingly. This goes way beyond just a cold call.

      Marketing Tracking

      With the identify ANYONE feature of Lead Sight Pro we don’t just do a small identification run. We go to the next level. We give you the power to manage deep links by tagging your incoming visitors through your online and social marketing, your newsletters and even through the emails you send individually. This way you can track your special clients and tend to their needs and wants with minimum exertion. You can also evaluate the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns and client interest levels. For optimal tracking, we help you through our Email Campaign Link Builder and Email Campaign Dashboard.

      Our Video

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      Our Pricing

      Simple, transparent pricing options to choose from.

      Month to Month
      $349 /mo
      billed monthly
      Website Visitor Identification
      Real Time Alerts
      Detailed Website Analytics
      Integrated Form Capture
      CRM Integration
      Up to 3 Users
      Month to Month - No Contract!
      $299 /mo
      billed biannual
      Website Visitor Identification
      Real Time Alerts
      Detailed Website Analytics
      Integrated Form Capture
      CRM Integration
      Up to 3 Users
      Biannual Billing
      $249 /mo
      billed annually
      Website Visitor Identification
      Real Time Alerts
      Detailed Website Analytics
      Integrated Form Capture
      CRM Integration
      Up to 3 Users
      Yearly Billing

      Lead Sight Pro has effectively tripled the number of warm leads our sales team has to work with!

      Tony C

      Marketing Director of Commercial Real Estate Firm

      Honestly, this is some of the best money we've ever spent on marketing...period.

      Mark W

      President of Construction Company

      A true game changer. I believe this will become industry standard within a few years. For now I'll enjoy being ahead of the curve.

      Andrew A

      VP of Consulting Company

      Meet Our Team

      Meet the team behind Lead Sight Pro

      Matt Montellione

      Aims to provide an innovative, results-driven environment with the goal of providing only the highest value to clients.

      Mike Coscia

      Mike oversees all of our clients to make sure each one if getting the most of out our software.

      Ross Flatley

      Our resident tech guru has you covered for all of your IT needs. He makes sure we're always online.


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