• Wash-Dry-Fold

    $1.35 per pound

  • Laundered & Pressed Shirt


  • Suit


  • Blouse


  • Pants


  • Dress


Monthly Value Plan

Save money by pre-paying for laundry and get huge discounts! Also enjoy 10% off all dry cleaning. You are charged every
month, and any additional usage beyond the plan is charged at our normal rates.

  • Light Plan


    per month
    40 pounds per month
    Every Other Week
    If you don’t have lots of laundry, or if you use BTM to help reduce how much laundry you do yourself.
  • Regular Plan


    per month
    60 pounds per month
    Every 10 Days
    For an individual with regular laundry needs.
  • Active Plan


    per month
    90 pounds per month
    Every Week, Up to 2 People
    For those with active lifestyle’s who frequently change clothes more than once a day, or for couples who choose to share a plan.
  • Family Plan


    per month
    120 pounds per month
    Up to Four People
    Ideal for 2-3 people, pay less than a $1 per pound!