Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for our customers.  Despite all the care we take in handling your garments, during the laundry or dry cleaning process some clothing items may be either damaged or lost while being processed through our system.  As such, these terms and conditions need to be established to ensure that any and all problems are dealt with in a standardized way.

When one of our valued customers places an order online or by phone, they agree to the following terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, and it is the responsibility of the valued customer to check back for changes.

When reporting any problem or issue with your garments, we require that you notify us via email (btmlaundryservice@gmail.com)  within 24 hours of your delivery.  When we work to resolve any issues, time is of the essence because we processes many orders each day, and problems must be dealt with promptly in order to serve you best.

Wash 'n Fold / Dry Cleaning Special Requests

If your order requires special attention, we require notification in the order notes section of the ordering page.  If you have a specific garment that needs special care  (hang dry, delicate wash, etc), please bag this item separately.  It is not enough to say "please hang dry my white blouse", because it can be difficult to determine what you're referring to.  For dry cleaning and laundry orders, make sure to bag each separately to avoid confusion.  If dry cleaning and laundry are mixed, or a bag is within a bag, we are not liable for any consequences that could arise from not clearly identifying your dry cleaning or wash 'n fold.


Lost or Damaged Garments

Our policy is that of the International Fabricare Institute (IFI) which reimburses the customer up to ten times (10X) the cost to clean the garment in the first place.  For example, a shirt that cost $2.00 to be laundered and pressed would be reimbursable up to $20.00.  In order to qualify for reimbursement for lost or damaged garments, the identification tag must still be attached to the garment to ensure it has not been worn since its most recent cleaning.  The limit for reimbursement of any single garment is $50, and an entire order is $100, even if that amount is less than ten times the processing amount.

In regards to damaged or lost Wash ‘n Fold garments, our policy does not support the normal and inevitable fading or shrinking that occurs during any wash ‘n fold process.  If your wash ‘n fold garments have been damaged while being processed through our system, and we determine that we are at fault, then the reimbursement for the garment will be the market value of the garment, considering the depreciation brought about by age and use.  The maximum reimbursement for a single wash ‘n fold garment is $10.  In the event that a garment is lost by BTM, we are not responsible for the garment unless you have filled out an inventory sheet.  If you have supplied an inventory sheet with pickup, and we do not return a garment to you, then we will reimburse you according to the above guidelines.

In our many years of operation, BTM has found that customers sometimes suspect or assume that BTM has lost one of their garments when they cannot find it after receiving their garments back.  We take extraordinary care in all of our work.  We have found that nearly 100% of the time the customer has misplaced the garment themselves and finds it sometime later.  As such, in order for BTM to honor any complaints or issues with wash ‘n fold, you must fill out an inventory sheet prior to pickup.

While we make every effort to check your pockets thoroughly for items that may damage your garments during the wash ‘n fold process, we take no responsibility if any damage occurs as a result of contents that were in the pockets of your garments.  Please check your pockets!  Furthermore, although we have returned cash, debit cards, and even prescription medication back to customers after finding items in their pockets, we are not responsible in any way for items you claim were included in your order that we have not found ourselves.

Value Plans

Automatically renew 30 days from the date of the first scheduled pickup for the plan.  The purpose of this is to provide the most convenient service at the best price for our customers.  If you wish to modify or cancel your plan, please do so by emailing us at btmlaundryservice@gmail.com 3 business days prior to your next billing date, or by cancelling your plan under your account settings online.

If the chosen Value Plan's weight limit for the month is exceeded, the additional weight will be billed at the end of the month at our pay-as-you-go rate of $1.25 per pound.

If your Value Plan continues to renew, and you do not use the service, the maximum refund that can be processed is for one month of an unused plan.  Refunds cannot be given for charges older than 29 days for Value Plans.

Missed Pickup or Delivery

We strongly encourage you to take the effort to establish a SPOT (secure point of transfer) so that both you and BTM can have the best experience possible throughout our relationship together.  If you choose not to establish a SPOT, and we cannot get in touch with you to make a pickup or delivery, then we will assess a $5 service fee for the additional strain on our driver's busy schedule.  We hope you work with us to establish a great SPOT you are comfortable with so that this is never an issue!

Turnaround Time

Depending on when your order is placed, wash ‘n fold orders will take a maximum of 48 hours to process (pickup, wash ‘n fold, deliver), though usually it is less than 24 hours, excluding weekends.  Dry Cleaning orders take up to five  business days to process, however usually they are processed in two to three business days.  This excludes weekends.

Although we have never had an issue with theft, you are responsible for the garments until the order is picked up by us, and after it is delivered.  If your garments are not in our possession we are not responsible for them.  While notification of delivery by text message SMS or email is our standard policy, this is considered courtesy and not a requirement.


We are not responsible for any reaction that you have to our service this includes euphoria, light headedness, and also rashes.  If you do experience an allergic reaction, please notify us so that next time we can adjust our detergent and softener amounts appropriately, or use a hypo-allergenic detergent for a small additional cost.

If your S.P.O.T (Secure Point of Transfer) is located within your apartment or somehow also provides access to personal or valuable items of yours (eg: you give us a key to your apartment and choose to have your S.P.O.T. be inside your door), BTM, its employees, its successors, and assigns, is protected from and against any and all loss, liabilities, damages, claims, suits, or actions, judgments, and costs which may arise from intentional acts, omissions, or negligent acts inside the apartment or to any part of the building, inside or out.

BTM reserves the right to refuse service to any customer due to conflict.

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us through our website, or by calling 866-528-6224.