Plan Participants

Over the past couple of decades the burden of retirement responsibility has shifted from the employer to the employee. Gone are the days of corporate pensions and the security they offered; even the Social Security System is projected to fail unless drastic changes are implemented. It has never been more important to participate in your company’s retirement plan offering.

We all need to commit to saving at minimum 10% of our annual income. The earlier you start the more time your money has to compound. A 25 year old that invests $10,000 today and every year until retiring at age 65, and enjoys an 8% annual return will retire with $2,701,514, but a 40 year old who makes the same commitment and receives the same 8% return will retire with only $762,370.

But, how do you invest your money? The culmination of 12 separate studies show that the average individual investor who’s actively trying to pick their own investments only captures 36.75% of the available return annually from those investments. In contrast the average institutional investor captures 109% of the available returns from their investments annually. Acuity Wealth has taken these strategies created by the world’s smartest investment minds, including Nobel Prize winners and democratized them into four model portfolios offered within your plan. We use proven science and not emotions when working with your hard earned savings to help secure your future.

To log into your personal account, select the icon through which your company provides your retirement plan. If you are unsure, check with your human resource department.