Life Coaching

By the time a gold medal Olympic athlete performs, victory has been assured. These elite athletes have trained and have envisioned their winning performance thousands of times with this one goal in mind. Of course behind every star is a team of coaches.

We have the life coaching training and tools to help you identify, plan for and successfully obtain your ideal life. The great Napoleon Hill was once quoted saying “The best indication of intelligence is action”, but action is most impactful when the right direction is chosen.

In 1908, Napoleon Hill was welcomed into Andrew Carnegie’s New York City home to meet and interview the then world’s richest man. Impressed with Napoleon Hill, Carnegie gifted the man with a letter of introduction penned by the steel tycoon himself. With the letter, Napoleon Hill would have access to the world’s 500 most successful individuals; Carnegie made Hill promise that in return he would analyze and publish the wisdom he acquired so that others could learn from his opportunity.

Napoleon Hill uncovered what made some individuals successful, as well as those obstacles that prevented achievement, and proceeded to share these secrets with the world. One of Hill’s discoveries was the importance of identifying one’s “definite major purpose;” when an individual is able to discern what they truly believe in they can begin a path to success. Unmasking your desires and embracing positivity can start your journey to living the life you have always wanted. This process was not immediate, Carnegie warned that it can take years to achieve success, but it can be attained.

“Life is like one big blueprint, if you don’t make plans then your future will not be built.” Rea Hayman

Carnegie was right, Napoleon’s book The Law of Success was published in 1928, and it wasn’t until 1937 that his most famous book Think and Grow Rich was released. While it took just about 20 years from the time he met with Carnegie, Hill was able to pinpoint the formula for success and begin to achieve it himself. Napoleon Hill died in 1970, but his final book Outwitting the Devil wasn’t published until 2011(though he had written it in 1938); his wife had forbidden its publishing feeling it too controversial at the time. In the book, Napoleon interviews what he refers to as the “Devil”, but in reality, it’s the voice we have in our heads that keep us from reaching our ideal future.

As Darwin was the forefather of evolution, Napoleon Hill is viewed as the forefather of positive thinking. Today, The Napoleon Hill Foundation is as active as ever, along with recently publishing Outwitting the Devil, the foundation partnered with Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid on Three Feet From Gold, a book we consider a must read, a modern day version of Think and Grow Rich.

Napoleon Hill proved it impossible to enjoy life to its fullest if you face your future with apprehension and fear. At Acuity Wealth Management in Hopewell, NJ we use our extensive training in Business & Life Coaching to help you identify and secure the path to the best you can be. We accomplish this with our “Vision Coaching” questionnaires and years of hands-on experience. We have helped our clients through the thick and thin of life, though we view it best to make major decisions from your “mountains” and only minor adjustments from your “valleys.” As a client ofAcuity Wealth Management, LLC, we believe “good enough, never is.” You deserve the best you can be. Contact us today to learn more about our New Jersey business and life coaching services.