Financial Professionals

Acuity Wealth Management

has established relationships and pricing with industry experts and service providers so advisors aren’t obligated to research which organizations and options are most suitable for the plan they are looking to support. This allows you to focus on the key elements of managing the relationship and monitoring the plan. Our goal is to help position you as the expert with your client base.

Work With An ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary

As a business owner or retirement plan trustee, your client has certain fiduciary obligations to their employees. How can they be sure that their employees have the best retirement plan possible? How can you provide them with investment advice? And how can you do all this in a way that enables your client to stay focused on running their business? ERISA 3(38) fiduciaries have a duty of loyalty to the plan and its participants; they must act in your best interests. Acuity will accept this appointment, and with us as the plans ERISA 3(38) fiduciary, you will be able to transfer the responsibility of choosing the investments and the participants experience within our Acuity managed models.

Offer Prudent Portfolios

Giving your employees a list of mutual fund options can confuse them and may lead them to make poor investment decisions. Instead, you can offer them a choice of professionally-built, globally diversified portfolios that can be designed to align with their goals, time horizon, comfort and risk.


four model portfolios are based on Nobel Prize winning science and not emotions. Our portfolios will meet the needs of your clients’ participants as they move confidently towards retirement. Each portfolio is designed to take the least amount of risk per unit of return, with more predictable outcomes.

Insist on Total Transparency

The Department of Labor’s rules have changed significantly over the past couple of years; plan providers are now required to disclose all fees. Trustees and participants now have access to what was previously hidden. A wave of law suits directed at plan providers and the plans trustees have begun. Acuity provides the trustee and participants all required disclosure and compliance tools necessary to protect the trustee from liability. We believe the plan’s trustee and participants should always be fully informed and educated.

Optimize Plan Design

There are a number of different types of retirement plans available in the marketplace today – 401(k) plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, 403(b) plans, 457 plans – and each one has a specific purpose and goal. Each plan is unique. At Acuity we work with numerous administrators and record keepers to design your company’s optimum offering. We also provide compliance oversight and state-of-the-art technology for a truly wonderful user experience.

Educate, Advise, Monitor

Educating the end user is of the utmost importance, we benchmark to our 90-10-90 goal, where 90% of eligible employees participate, they save at least 10% of their compensation and 90% are in the professionally managed models. This goal helps ensure a better participant experience and protects you and the Trustee(s) from liability. This is achieved by combining our “How Would Einstein Invest” video series with an interactive video based risk questionnaire, Acuity will help direct plan participants into investments that best suit their needs. Your participants will enjoy professionally managed portfolios, which previously have been reserved for only the world’s elite. The investments and plan are monitored continuously and adjusted as needed.